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We are not just Experts in Filtration but we also offer custom exhaust systems……Yet another system on it’s way out the door.

We’ve worked closely with an OEM, building specialist equipment, to come up with an exhaust system that allows them to build their world renowned machines.

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We offer a “Free Site Survey” of all your Filtration requirements. Here is a sneak peak of a visit one of our Technical Sales Engineers did yesterday for a UK manufacturer and just one of numerous pieces of equipment they had the privilege of examining.

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Plantworx 2017

Our stand at Plantworx is complete. Looking forward to a good week of networking , meeting new people and potential new business. Please come and visit the team and see how we can help you and your business. Bonus is, due to the weather we are indoors where it’s warm and dry!

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Responding to an Offshore Oil Rig Breakdown

The Situation

In an oil driven world, every drop counts. Each second of downtime during the oil production process, comes with an enormous cost. A well-known oil company faced issues with its on-site diesel powered generators. Donaldson delivers clean solutions to make sure the on-site engine equipment is protected against contaminated fuel which causes serious downtime.


The Challenge

A world market leader in fuel, lubricants and other petroleum derivative experienced unexpected breakdown of multiple diesel engines on generators that foresee oil rigs with the necessary power to pump up oil. Research showed that the fuel used to power the oil drilling diesel generators wasn’t clean. Moreover, it showed that on-site equipment fluids had extremely poor filtration and in some cases, no pre-filtration at all. The contaminated fuel caused the diesel generators to breakdown.


The Solution

Donaldson has the perfect solution to clean fuel and to assure your equipment won’t break down due to ‘dirty fuel’. One 4-way manifold on the inlet and two 2-way manifolds on the outlet, one active and one for backup, were installed at the on-site bulk diesel tank. In addition, to avoid water contamination in the tank, Donaldson delivered it’s unique T.R.A.P.™ breather concept.


The Result

The customer decided to foresee three additional oil rig sites with Donaldson Clean Solutions. By reducing contamination levels in the bulk filtration system, you can reduce maintenance, down-time, labour costs and your total cost of ownership. Count on Donaldson when every operating hour counts!

Investigating & Preventing Engine Failure to Bus Fleet

The Situation

Public transport is very important to keep modern society going. Lots of people rely on it to travel, go to work or for day-to-day activities. Especially in urban area’s each minute of delay has an immediate effect on the life of dozens or hundreds of people. The image of public transport gets seriously affected when buses don’t show up on time. A well-known Spanish bus company faced serious downtime due to blocked injectors. This resulted in frequent unplanned maintenance services of their fleet.


The Challenge

Find out why the buses showed less performance and engine failures. Investigate why engine injector problems always lay at the root of this issue. One 160.000 litre tank, which foresees the vehicles of fuel, contains contaminates and needs cleaning.


The Solution and Clean Solutions Partners

Donaldson has the expertise and experience to assess the situation and offer the right solution at the right time. Tank samples were taken and showed serious contamination of the fuel. Donaldson advised to install a Protect and Polish principle to ensure clean fuel for the vehicles. A double head filtration element with P568666 on the dispenser polishes the fuel when it goes from the tank into the vehicles. To protect the tank from future environmental pollution a T.R.A.P. breather is installed.


The Result

The cleanliness level when from 21/20/17 before the installation to 14/13/11 ISO4406/99. Which resulted in significant less maintenance time and higher and longer performing engines. The customer decided to install the Protect and Polish solution on 15 other servicing stations. By reducing contamination levels in the bulk filtration system, you can reduce maintenance, down-time, labour costs and your total cost of ownership. Count on Donaldson when every operating hour counts!

Bulk Filtration, Construction, Portable Fluid Analysis

The Situation

Construction machinery is built to withstand the harshest of conditions. To avoid down-time, these machines should be maintained in the best way possible. One of our customers experienced a failure on a machine which could be tracked back to bad maintenance. The machine did not have any service records and was in a very poor shape. If no action was taken immediately, the rest of the machine park with 20 articulated dump trucks and 7 excavators would be susceptible to similar failures, resulting in tremendous amounts in cost.

The Challenge

In order to mend the overheating problems in the hydraulic system of the vehicles at this customer, a hydraulic equipment dealer had advised to change the hydraulic oil from 10W40 to 15W40. In response, the customer had changed the oil to 15W40 on the hydraulics of all machines. Moreover equipment engines and hydraulics were running standard SAE50 in transmissions, drive trains and finale drives. With between 9.000 and 14.000 operating hours on the machines, first oil tests showed that 63 samples were out of specification. To save the equipment, all compartments were re-sampled after 250 service hours. Meanwhile, one machine broke down and led to a $25k repair cost.


The Solution

Because the problem was so severe, Donaldson took immediate action to analyse the situation. Upon recommendation, the customer decided to purchase the Donaldson particle and water test kit (X009329) and started a full test program on all fluids, excluding engine oil which was sent to the equipment dealer. Test kit results showed that the differential and final drive fluids were reaching their particle count limits before the recommended oil change intervals. Therefore, final drive oils were monitored and replaced as soon as the contamination limits were reached. The drive train oil, SAE-50, is stored in a tank which is equipped with Donaldson P568666 cans and P570248 super absorbent technology to ensure clean and dry storage. Sampling with the basic test kit plus using Dexsil TBN and TAN test kits allowed tracking the acidity and alkalinity of the fluids. This analysis allowed the customer to reuse the fluid, extend the oil service intervals and resulted in cost-savings. The engine oil is now changed every 250 hours.


Field Results

The dealer’s recommendation is to change out engines at 14.000 hours on the articulated trucks. The customer ran three engines to 20.000 hours and pulled them down to find no major damage or failures, they also ran transmissions and final drives passing 16.000 hours and still having good oil samples which indicate they will go to at least 20.000 hours.

Example: An articulated dump truck uses:

• 160 litres of engine oil every 1.000hours > 3 euro p/l. = 500 euro

• 330 litres of hydraulics oil every 1.000 hours > 3 euro p/l. = 1.000 euro

• 304 litres drive train oil > 3 euro p/l = 925 euro

The engine oil is sold as waste. The hydraulic oil is cleaned and reused as drive train oil. With the on-site oil sampling you get the answers to take the right decisions on your component rebuilds. In 18 months the customer has gone up from poor maintenance to preventative and predictive maintenance realizing savings not only with down-time reduction and planned maintenance but with extended component life and the reduction of stock of spare parts.



The customer believes it is a must to have on-site in-house oil sampling and put in place all the necessary contamination control tools needed, filter the new fluid before it goes into the machine and oil sample points. Good quality oil handling equipment will save a lot of money and cut down-time.


The Portable Fluid Analysis Kit

Fluid analysis is a snapshot of what is happening inside your equipment. It tells you the condition of the lubricant and identifies component wear and contamination in virtually any application. The Portable Fluid Analysis Kit (Part No. X009329) allows you to conduct immediate on-site particulate analysis in as little as ten minutes.



• Identify opportunities for optimizing filtration performance

• When improvements are made, use it to monitor the

• Cleanliness status of the system.

• Safely extend drain intervals

• Minimize downtime by identifying minor problems

• Before they become major failures

• Extend equipment life

• Great alternative to expensive, portable electronic devices

Creating More Environmentally Friendly Fleet Trucks

Ninatrans is one of Belgium’s most progressive transport companies and was elected transport company of the year 2013. With decrease of its CO2 production with 134.7 tons per year and an optimal engine management, this successful family business with over 45 year of experience can be seen as an industry leading example for future transport companies.

With a fleet of 120 trucks, 260 trailers and 20 vehicles for national distribution, Ninatrans is not the biggest but definitely belongs to the smartest and environmentally friendly transport companies in Belgium. Their target is clear, via an active green management reducing CO2 emissions with 20% in 5 years. Through technological enhancements of the fleet, all engine where optimised. In combination with extensive driver training modules on eco-driving in collaboration with the Scania Driver Academy, first steps towards the ambitious target where made. At the same time a close look at the fleet and the vehicle settings, like the right tire pressure, wind gliders for less resistance and recent vehicle park contribute to a green fleet.

Ninatrans and Donaldson share the same vision when it comes to fuel savings and fleet protection through efficient filtration. The company invested and installed the Donaldson Clean.Protect.Polish.™ concept for their Diesel bulk tanks. This unique filtration system is based on the clean fuels principle. The efficient filtration system makes sure only clean & dry fuel is tanked into the vehicles which leads optimal performance and significant fuel savings of Euro5 and Euro6 engines.


A Three Phase Concept – Clean, Protect, Polish™

Clean, fuel is filtered before it is pumped into the bulk storage tanks. A filtration system installed between the supply pipeline and the bulk storage tank cleans the fuel. Water, dust and other particles are removed before they enter the bulk tank.

Protect, Donaldson’s unique T.R.A.P.™ concept preserves the stored fuel in the optimal condition. Filtered tank breathing keeps moist and dirt particles out of the airstream of the storage tank.

Polish, before fuel is pumped into a vehicle, a filtration system between the bulk storage tank and the pump filters out water, dust and other particles which contaminated the fuel in the tank.  These three phases clean fuel and have a direct influence on the fuel consumption and the life of engines.

The scientific proven Clean.Protect.Polish.™ concept of Donaldson has shown that the majority of fuels is contaminated. This is a serious issue by which fuel is not meeting the critical standards of modern heavy duty engines and leads to more fuel consumption and equipment downtime. Ninatrans analysed its fleet fuel consumption after the installation of the Donaldson filtration concept which resulted in 1.18% fuel savings.


“An investment which earned back within a year is an easy decision for every company owner. The initial purpose of the installation was to enhance engine protection but as of the start we were convinced of the power and the effect of these blue filters.” Benny Smets CEO Ninatrans


Ninatrans Green Initiatives

  • Efficient engine management + modernisation of the fleet
  • Eco-driving training – Scania Driver Academy
  • Driving analyses
  • Wind deflectors for less resistance
  • Tire Pressure Check
  • Donaldson Clean Solutions system for diesel tanks