Filtration in Desert Conditions

The Situation

Extreme and harsh working conditions ask for extreme performance of your equipment. Preventive measurements need to be taken to minimize down-time and save on operating costs. Desert conditions cause high contamination in equipment fuel tanks. Due to inefficient filtration, the fuel in these tanks is highly contaminated with dust and dirt. Inevitably this has an effect on the machinery potentially causing serious damage to the engine and plugging engine filters prematurely.


The Challenge

Our customer has globally around 300 units of earthmoving equipment in its machine park, every hour of downtime results in a late completion of the contract and extra pressure on the project. For an assignment near Abu Dhabi, machines on site were working almost for 12 hours a day. Due to ineffective fuel filtration 50% of the total fleet was down at one time!


The Solution and Clean Solutions Partners

Donaldson has the expertise and experience to assess the situation and offer the right solution at the right time. When the customer request came in, Donaldson immediately acted and within a few days a 5-way manifold with Donaldson P568666 cans was installed on site.


The Result

Since the installation of the Clean.Protect.Polish concept, all fuel related problems were eliminated. This resulted in an increased efficiency and life of the fuel injection systems and tremendous cost savings in terms of down-time. The company witnessed the Donaldson Blue Future and adopted a company wide “Preventive Maintenance” program to protect expensive equipment and avoid the possibility of any down-time related to contaminated fuel. By reducing contamination levels in the bulk filtration system, you can reduce maintenance, down-time, labour costs and your total cost of ownership. Count on Donaldson when every operating hour counts!


Filter Manifolds

Designed for systems of any size, with minimal pressure drop. Donaldson bulk assemblies are manufactured with parallel flow configuration of the filters to reduce pressure drop across the assembly, providing single-pass filtration efficiency, resulting in the targeted fluid cleanliness.


Why Filter Bulk Fluids?

The increase in diesel injection pressures on engines and the sophistication of today’s equipment require higher cleanliness levels. Donaldson bulk filtration systems can reduce downtime, save on costly component replacement and improve fuel economy. In short, Donaldson reduces your total cost of ownership.


Contaminants and Water

Are the enemies of engine fuels and lubricants, robing vehicles and equipment of performance & longevity. Removing contamination with bulk filtration prior to pumping fluids into equipment allows on-board filtration systems to do a better job, while supporting advanced systems required to meet new regulations.

Cutting Pump Downtime & Repairs to Save Money

A large hydraulic pressing customer had major issues with pump failures in the hydraulic power packs of their press tools. The pumps only lasted 18 months before failing. Each breakdown cost £10k in repairs, downtime and loss of production. The customer was running five similar machines, losing them a lot of money.


Filtration Ltd took samples of the 32cst hydraulic oil from a chosen machine. After analysis in our laboratory we determined an ISO code of 19/16/14, high above the recommended ISO code for this type of machinery. This would have a serious effect on the service life on any components the fluid sees.


Under analysis the fluid showed both bright metal (new wear) and black oxidised (old wear remaining in the system) metal particles. This confirmed the theory that the current pressure line filter was not enough to remove the wear contamination occurring in the system.


We fitted an off-line filter unit to improve the cleanliness, which showed a temporary improvement. Further sampling of the oil revealed contamination was being introduced into the system through clamping and ram operations. This dirty fluid was then being sucked up and passed through the pump causing unnecessary wear in a continuous multi-pass cycle.


We installed an upgraded tank top breather along with a new filter housing combined with a good quality 5-micron element on the return line to the tank. The oil achieved an ISO code of 15/14/12. Further oil analyses every three months showed that the system was clean and stable.


The service life of the pump has now improved to an average of four years and all five of the company’s similar machines have been fitted with the same filtration upgrade. Filtration Ltd saved the customer a lot of money in repairs and downtime.

Finding the Perfect Filter for Specialist Aircraft Transport Equipment

The Atlas 2000 K Loader is capable of loading all types of aircraft at any airhead worldwide. This unique scissor lift is in daily use with Air Forces and humanitarian agencies around the world – loading aircraft in some of the most challenging environments.


Working closely with the engineers at AMSS, Filtration Ltd were asked to look at a unique filtration problem with the lifts. When the Atlas is in its transport position there is no space for a conventional air filter housing. We had to find a filter housing that took the space limitations and environmental conditions into account.


We recommended the Donaldson PowerCore housing using UltraWeb media, as the compact design could fit in every lift position. The UltraWeb media would protect the Cummings engine, enabling this equipment to cope even in extreme desert conditions.


As well as transport equipment, Filtration Ltd will find the right filter for your machine: industrial filters, marine filters, oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, hydraulic filters and filters for construction.

Managing Filtration Supply to Large & Busy Workshops

A large Plant Hire Transport and Waste Management company based in Gloucestershire was running a busy, non-stop operation. They wanted an efficient supply of filtration products for all their equipment in their transport workshop and plant and equipment workshop.


The first step for Filtration Ltd was to identify all their equipment. We catalogued each machine make, model, plant number and stock room location for their engineers to use as a reference.


With the aid of our custom-built software – and the machine quantity, annual hours of operation and service interval data gathered from the customer – we generated the recommended stock holding.


Filtration Ltd then took over the customer’s storerooms, designing and building shelf space for filtration products. We placed the stock and labelled it with the storeroom location to aid fast and accurate picking. The filter stock is monitored, with seasonal trends accounted for.


This service is in operation with many of our customers throughout the UK. With the challenges all businesses face when operating equipment, Filtration Ltd offers solutions tailored to each customer’s requirements. We make sure that you have the correct filtration product to hand when you need it.